Best 100 ft Garden Hose For 2022

A garden hose is a versatile item that accomplishes a multitude of applications. The list includes watering in the garden, cleaning patios and lawns, bathing pets, drinking water supply, etc. However, there’s a specific water hose for these different jobs. Also, the hose varies in length to cover different sizes of space both residentially and commercially.

For instance, a 100ft water hose is designed to work in large gardens and landscapes. Thus, the best 100ft garden hose will be a good option for your medium to large garden, lawn, or landscape. And to aid you with the cause, we tested and reviewed these top-class 100ft long water hoses with various functions such as expandability, flexibility, easiness in use, lightness, and spray nozzle. These extra-long garden hoses are equally adept for residential and commercial watering and cleaning application.

Best 100 ft Garden Hoses

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Flexzilla Garden Hose 100 Ft
Flexzilla Garden Hose 100 Ft
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Gardguard 100ft Garden Hose
Gardguard 100ft Garden Hose
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TheFit Life Garden Hose
TheFit Life Garden Hose
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Flexi Hose 100ft Garden Hose
Flexi Hose 100ft Expandable Garden Hose
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The 7 Best 100 ft Garden Hoses

All hoses are not made with maintaining the same quality. And obviously, each item has some special criteria and works best for specific purposes. We don’t know your specific requirements but you obviously find the suitable hose here that matches your needs entirely.

Flexzilla Garden Hose 100 Ft

flexzilla 100 ft garden hose

Flexzilla is a renowned hose manufacturer for different purposes. They introduced the HFZG5100YW garden hose for kink-free, all-weather, and flexible use. The hose length is 100ft and sufficient to reach every corner of a large garden.

Durable and premium construction: The multi-layered garden hose features a top-class construction to ensure maximum durability. Its interior layer is made of hybrid polymer, the central core has been reinforced, and the outer layer offers UV and weather-proof functioning. Also, it provides abrasion resistance along with crush-resistant fittings.

Easy application: The premium construction of the hose ensures kink and tangle-free operation. Plus, the multi-layer design enables it to take extreme tolls, such as lawnmower weight, at ease. You will love how it transforms your gardening experience.

Easy to maneuver: The 100ft water hose is lightweight. So, you will find its maneuvering and portability easy and brisk. Also, its flexible design allows you to take it through and around shrubs and plants for quick watering purposes.

No-memory feature: The hose comes with a no-memory feature. So, it stays flat on the ground and won’t kink. It makes coiling and expanding the garden hose easier than you might anticipate.

Drinking water safe: The interior layer of the 100ft garden hose is made of lead and BPA-free hybrid polymer. So, it is 100% drinking water safe. It means you can not only drink water from it but also bathe kids and pets.


  • Crush, UV, and abrasion-resistance
  • Quick expansion and coiling facility
  • Usable in all-weather without issues
  • Nice water flow without any leaks


  • Its color often makes it hard to find in outdoor

Gardguard 100ft Garden Hose

Imagine a garden hose that expands to the required size when necessary and then recoils to a compact size after work. Doesn’t it sound pretty easy to use? Yes, Gradeguard expandable hose offers an excellent water experience with quick expansion, 10 settings spray nozzle, and premium construction.

Made for heavy-duty application: The extra-long garden hose with dual-layer latex core and 3300D polymer exterior constructions is ready to withstand extreme abuses. It uses ¾” brass couplings. The entire setup is rust, corrosion, and crash-proof for longevity.

Quick expansion: The 100ft garden hose has 33ft long when not in use. Its quick expansion means it will expand to its full 100ft length as water runs through the latex core. So, maneuvering and storing the hose becomes easy with such expandability and recoiling facility.

10 functions spray nozzle: The special hose also includes a 10 functions spray nozzle. Its handle is anti-slip, and you can change from one setting to another quickly with the knob. So, you will have enhanced flexibility in watering and cleaning jobs.

Versatile usages: Since it includes a functional spray nozzle and is ready to withstand heavy-duty applications, you can use it for different jobs. You can use it to water your plants, wash cars, bath kids, and whatnot!


  • Compact and lightweight hose boosts comfort
  • Tangle, kink, and abrasion-resistant design
  • The spray nozzle offers great control over water flow
  • Expandable hose with auto-recoiling feature


  • Many users complained about the outer layer damaging soon

TheFit Life Garden Hose

The Fit Life is another hose manufacturer famous for its collapsible and highly functional garden hoses in the market. We picked their 100 feet flexible garden hose in our list for no simple reason. It has a triple-latex core, 3X expansion, and 8 pattern spray nozzle for multifunctional use at home and garden with ease.

Collapsible hose: The 100 foot hose is a collapsible one. It means it expands to its original size when water flows through the tube. When not in use, it will quickly retract to 33ft in length. It makes carrying, storing and maneuvering the hose a fun job.

Triple-layer latex interior: It has a 3-layer interior made with premium latex. The cover is made from interwoven fabric which is UV, rust, and abrasion-resistant. It is ready even to withstand a lawnmower weight for added durability.

Multipurpose spray nozzle: You will get an 8 pattern spray nozzle with the hose to fulfill all of your watering and cleaning needs. You can change the spray patterns with a fingertip only. So, you will appreciate its easy application.

Durable performance: For safe and leak-proof use, the hose has 3/-inch brass fittings. The Fit Life claims that it can serve you up to 2000 uses at ease. It can continue watering at 145PSI without bursts and cracks. So the garden hose is ready for heavy-duty jobs.


  • Easily connectable with another hose for length expansion
  • Outstanding durability with brass fitting and multi-layer core
  • The spray nozzle is sturdy and easy to use with a fingertip
  • Kink, tangle and leak-free application improves users’ comfort


  • The water control on the brass fitting is plastic made and easily damageable

Flexi Hose 100ft Expandable Garden Hose

Those who want a durable, flexible, and easy-to-use hose for large residential and commercial gardens and spaces should seriously consider Flexi Hose hundred foot garden hose. It has a four-layer latex core and 8 pattern spray nozzle for versatile applications and features all-weather usability.

Auto expansion and coiling: The 100ft water hose comes at a 33ft length. When water runs through it the hose expands to its original 100ft length. After use, it also recoils automatically. Thus, maneuvering and storing the hose is a brisk task.

Durable design: The four-layer core is made of premium latex. It is then covered with 3750D elastic fabric. It is UV, rust, weather, and abrasion-proof. On top of it, its ¾-inch brass fitting is also crash-proof for safe and durable use in extreme conditions.

Highly functional spray nozzle: You get an 8 pattern functional spray nozzle. It is made with zinc alloy, and the handle is ergonomic and anti-slip. So, you will enjoy a comfy application to meet your various watering and washing needs.

Maneuverability and flexibility: At 4.2 pounds, this garden hose is lightweight. So, maneuvering the hose is easy. Plus, it is flexible and easy to move across plants and bushes for watering in tight corners. Also, its lightweight design offers nice portability and storage.


  • Lightweight yet durable design ensures comfy use
  • Ergonomic spray nozzle improves functionality
  • Standard brass couplings for quick connections
  • Ideal for moderate to medium watering applications


  • Not so great burst-pressure resistance

Joey’s 100 ft Water Hose

Expandable or retractable hose work great for gardens. But they are a bit fragile and often fail at the connection end or bibs. Joye’s has addressed the issue and seems to have fixed it with a great design and premium material for this 100ft long garden hose.

Affordability: Before we head into the main benefits of Joey’s 100ft garden hose, let us tell you that this garden hose is excellently priced. You will get it in less than $50, making it an outstanding investment for large gardens. Plus, it is durable and supports different washing and cleaning chores easily.

Quick expandability: It is an expandable hose that enhances maneuverability. The 100ft hose comes with 3X expansion ability. When not in use, it retreats to 33ft in length. It helps you in placing the garden hose in any place. Plus, such contraction supports quick and comfy storage.

Excellent construction: The core of the hose is made of premium latex, and the outer layer features elastic fabric. The outstanding cover ensures crush, abrasion, and UV-resistant durability. On top of it, the brass fittings are also crush-proof for added longevity.

Functional and versatile spray nozzle: The spray nozzle supports 8 various spray patterns from jet to fan. So, depending on your working requirements, you can adjust the water flow with perfection. The handle is ergonomic and non-slip for comfortable application.


  • Easy expansion and contractions for maneuverability and storage
  • Quickly connects to any standard American spigot and bibs
  • The hose and its couplings are crush-proof and ensure durability
  • At 4.2 pounds, this hose is lightweight and compact for storage


  • The exterior layer may leak at times
  • Users complain about tangles and kinks

Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose

Bionic garden hoses are known for their durability, optimized use, and versatility. This braided steel hose with 100ft length is no exception. The hose is made for heavy-duty watering applications with a flexible design for maneuverability and easy usages.

Braided stainless steel connection: The hose is made of 304 stainless steel material. It is a commercial-grade material and ensures maximum durability. The braided steel is crush, rust, leak, and puncture-proof. Also, it easily withstands any drags and crushes at ease.

Kink-free and easy to use: The braided steel hose is tangle and kink-free. So, it won’t twist amidst the watering jobs to make your work complicated. Plus, its stabilizer collar and couplings are optimized to work flawlessly. Thus, the hose promises high-pressure water flow with great consistency.

Lightweight and maneuverable: The 100ft heavy duty garden hose is exceedingly lightweight and flexible despite being made from commercial-grade steel. It features interlocking flex construction for added flexibility to move through tight corners and still work great.

All-weather usability: Thanks to its premium braided steel construction, the garden hose 100-foot item is weather-proof. You can use it from sub-zero to extreme temperature. Plus, its UV-proof outer layer permits you to keep it under direct sunlight for an extended period.


  • 100% kink, tangle, and leak-free application
  • Weather and crush-proof for heavy-duty uses
  • Highly flexible for maneuverability in tight space
  • Ice and heat-resistant applications


  • The hose is slightly expensive
  • Storing the hose is difficult

Giraffe Hybrid 100ft Garden Hose

The Giraffe 100ft hose comes with a 5/8-inch diameter. So, it suits watering needs where you need improved water flow with consistency. Also, its kink and leak-free application make it an ideal choice for homeowners and landscape maintainers.

Kink and leak-proof: The garden hose is made of hybrid material, including rubber and polymer. It features no-memory and abrasion-resistant applications without kinks. Plus, its brass fittings have nickel coating to protect rust and corrosion. It also promises leak-proof application.

Lightweight garden hose: We are glad that this garden hose is truly lightweight. Thus, you won’t feel the burden of carrying a 100ft hose. Also, it makes maneuverability and storage easier than you would have anticipated.

Perfect for residential use: This hose is made for residential use at 150PSI working and burst pressure rating. With ease, you can accomplish most of your watering, cleaning, and washing jobs with this superior hose.

Weather-proof and quick coiling: The rubber garden hose is made to defeat weather elements. Whether it is extremely cold or abnormal heat, the rubbery flexibility ensures the hose remains in its original shape. So, you can use it throughout the year.


  • Larger diameter for enhanced water flow
  • Moveable handgrip for quick rotation
  • Brass couplings with nickel coating are leak-proof
  • Retains its original shape in every condition


  • No spray nozzle included with the package

Gpeng 100ft 100ft Water Hose

Another 100ft hose that expands magically to 3X length, equips with a sturdy 8 pattern spray nozzle, and is rugged enough to withstand heavy-duty applications is the Gpeng 100ft water hose. It is an industry-leading hose that truly meets every requirement of the user.

3X expansion: From 33ft to 100ft, it will expand in less than 10 seconds with water pressure on. So, you can carry it and place it wherever you want it to function. Also, after the job is done, it recoils in 33ft length to support easy storage. It simply makes your gardening a fun task.

Durable and leak-proof: The garden hose is made for long-term performance. Its multi-layer inner and outer layer combines with the brass fittings for a crush, rust, and UV-resistant application. Also, it is flexible enough to stop kinks, tangle and stays leak-proof for durable service.

Functional nozzle: Its 8 pattern spray nozzle is so versatile and easy to use that you will forget the difficulty your previous hose gave to you. It has an ergonomic and anti-slip handle and a rotating bezel to offer you superior service.

Light and compact: The garden hose is 1/3 lighter than any standard hose. Also, when not in use, its 33ft length ensures compact storage. So, you won’t have to worry about where to put in the hose after each application.


  • Easily maneuverable and storable
  • Ideal for heavy-duty watering jobs
  • The spray nozzle is long-lasting
  • It has a shut-off valve for water flow control


  • Doesn’t stay flat with low water pressure

VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose

The Vieneci 100ft hose is lightweight, easy to carry, and supports leak and kink-free uses. You can choose the extra-long garden hose to maintain a large garden and landscape. Its double latex tube design with crush-proof exterior cover makes it a good choice for durable application too.

Expandable and easy to carry: The 100ft expandable hose comes in 33ft length. When water pressure is on, it quickly expands to 100ft length. Thanks to such expandability and recoiling feature, this hose is super-easy to carry.  Also, its 4.2lbs weight helps in the cause.

Leak, corrosion, and kink-free: Thankfully, the hose has a double-latex core with a 3750D polyester outer cover. Plus, the brass fittings are solid and rust-resistant. So, you will get a crash, damage, and kink-proof application with this garden hose.

Functional spray nozzle: The package includes a 9-pattern spray nozzle. It is easy to use with an ergonomic and anti-slip handle. Plus, its quick shift from one water flow pattern to another allows you to use it for versatile uses with confidence.

Usable in extreme weather: Vieneci 100ft long water hose remains workable from 23°F to 122°F. It means you can use the garden hose in both hot and cold temperatures. So, your productivity will increase superbly with this hose.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver
  • Won’t tangle, twist and leak for heavy-duty uses
  • ¾’ diameter offers more water flow for gardening
  • The spray nozzle is sturdy and increasingly versatile


  • The hose recoils rather slowly

Zero-G 4001-100 Garden Hose

With a 600PSI burst pressure rating and 5/8” diameter,  Zero-G 100ft long garden hose is ready to deliver unbeatable performance. Plus, it stays flat on the ground thanks to its no-memory feature. So, your lawn and garden maintenance just gets easier with this best 100ft hose.

Kink and tangle-resistant: The unique design of the garden hose allows it to stay flat on the ground. So, you won’t experience any unnecessary tangles. Instead, it stays flat and ensures a consistent and uninterrupted water flow to make watering and cleaning jobs easy.

Heavy-duty application: The multi-layered garden hose combines with its patented brass couplings to offer rust, crush, and abrasion-proof functioning. So, the 100ft heavy-duty garden hose will ensure superior use in extreme conditions.

Flexible design: One of the key benefits of this garden hose is its flexibility even in cold water. So, you can easily use it during the winter days. Also, its enhanced flexibility means you can maneuver the hose with ease.


  • Suitable for avid gardeners and heavy-duty jobs
  • 50% lighter construction support easy portability
  • Stays flat without any twist and tangles
  • Withstands up to 600PSI burst pressure without damage


  • Not weatherproof; remains workable only up to 80°F.

What To Think Before Buying 100 Ft Garden Hose

If you have a large garden to maintain, you will need a longer garden hose. The 100ft water hose can be an excellent option in this regard. However, you just can’t pick any hose with 100ft length and expect it to deliver your desired performance.

You need to look at a few key factors. It includes-

Expandable vs. non-expandable hose:

Garden hoses come both in expandable and non-expandable structures. The expandable hose will magically expand 3X times when water runs through it. It recoils to its contracted 1/3rd shape after use. Expandable water hoses are easy to carry and use.

However, a non-expandable hose stays flat on the ground and prevents kink better. Also, it is better for heavy-duty jobs.

Burst-pressure rating:

These garden hoses support anywhere from 100PSI to 750PSI or more burst and working pressure ratings. If you need a 100ft extra-long garden hose for regular jobs, going with low burst pressure is suitable. For heavy-duty jobs, choose a hose with a higher burst pressure rating.


Many of these hundred foot garden hoses equip with a spray nozzle. The inclusion of the spray nozzle is a great bonus. It allows you to control the water flow for different watering and cleaning jobs better. Also, look at the number of spray patterns the sprayer offers.

For regular gardening, you may not need a spray nozzle. Thus, you can do away without it also. So, decide your purpose and find the hose accordingly.

Weight and portability:

You must make no mistake that a 100ft long garden hose can be weighty. You should focus on getting a lightweight hose. It will ensure better maneuverability and enhance your comfort in using the garden hose.

Usually, a 100ft hose weighs 4 to 8 pounds. Anything above it will seriously burden your portability and aren’t recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water is in a 100-foot garden hose?

The water flow depends on its inner diameter. For instance, a 100ft hose with a 1-inch diameter will carry 4 gallons of water. A ¾-inch hose holds 1.01 gallons and a 5/8-inch water hose accommodates roughly 0.57 gallons of water.

What is the best 100 ft garden hose?

The best 100ft garden hose needs to be kink and tangle-free with leak-proof couplings. You can choose Flexzilla HFZG5100YW and Gardguard 100ft hose as top performers in this category.

Is there a garden hose longer than 100 feet?

Yes, garden hoses are available even at 125ft or 150ft in length. Also, if you need a longer hose, you can connect multiple hoses using a garden hose quick connector or adapters for secure and convenient use without problems.

What is the longest water hose?

Many garden hoses reach up to 150ft. For instance, Geasky expandable hose is 150ft in length, and in a contracted situation it is 50ft in length.

Can I use a 100ft hose with a pressure washer?

Yes, you can use a 100ft hose with a pressure washer. In fact, experts suggest that a pressure washer can hold up to a 200ft hose without any delay in the water flow and cleaning chores.

The End Line

The content is written focusing on the best 100 ft garden hose. All our selected items are multi-functional and that is why you can use them outside the garden also. If you have storage problems we recommend getting the expandable models. And pay more attention while getting drinking water safe hose as all listed items are not safe for drinking water.

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