The 10 Best Bloom Booster For Soil

Whether it is an indoor houseplant or garden plant, we enjoy their leaves and green appearance thoroughly. But it becomes a momentous occasion and gives a feel of rewarding our labor when we see flowers blooming in the plants. Also, flower conditions of the plants will eventually translate into its harvest and fruiting.

Sadly, many gardeners experience poor harvesting despite having beautiful foliage. It happens when your fertilizer has a high concentration of nitrogen with a low amount of phosphorus. In these cases, you need the best bloom booster for soil with a high phosphorus concentration, especially for flowering plants.

Bloom boosters promote bud development and growth with their increased phosphorus. To ease your selection, we have compiled this bloom booster review guideline followed by suggestions on how to use bloom booster properly for every gardener.

What Is Bloom Booster Fertilizer?

Bloom booster is nothing but a fertilizer with high to middle fertilizer numbers. Its main ingredients include phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, with phosphorus being the main item. So, its formula ensures sustainable and healthy growth of the flowers at its last stage.

The ratio between the key ingredients varies extensively, and it controls which plant you should use the bloom booster. When green tendrils start coming out of the stem, you should apply a bloom booster to boost the flower’s growth.

When To Add Bloom Booster

Although bloom booster helps in better harvesting, inappropriate use will decrease the flowering quality and quantity. So, you have to realize the best time for applying a bloom booster. Unlike other fertilizers, it doesn’t depend on seasons; instead, you should apply a bloom booster when new tendrils start coming out of the plant’s stem.

Also, many gardeners suggest using a bloom booster during the final stage of your harvesting and right before the flowering season of fruits and vegetables. Plus, you should maintain the recommended period of applying the fertilizer properly.

Most bloom boosters will continue feeding the soil for 1 week to 2 weeks at best after use. You need to reapply the booster dose after this expiry period for the best results. Also, make sure you use it with the suggested level to avoid burns on the plant root.

Long story short, apply the 1st dose of the bloom booster fertilizer when the plants are ready for sprouting buds. Next, continue using them throughout the season to get a better harvest.

At a Glance:

Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Fertilize
Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Fertilize
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Flower Fuel Bloom Booster for Bigger
Flower Fuel Bloom Booster for Bigger, Heavier Harvests
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Dr. Earth Organic Bud Booster For Soil
Dr. Earth Organic Bud Booster For Soil
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Sun Bulb Bloom Booster Plant Food
Sun Bulb Bloom Booster Plant Food
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The 10 Best Organic Bloom Booster Fertilizer

During the flowering stage, right after the vegetative stage, plants begin to grow their buds. At this time, plants need particular nutrients. Thus, a bloom booster or bud booster becomes your ultimate solution for the flowering plants.

Bud boosters are specially developed fertilizers for soils consisting of extra-nutrients. Some also contain foods to help you further in nourishing the growing buds.

Here, take a look at our seven bloom booster reviews for your plants.

Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Fertilizer

Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Fertilizer

This Miracle Gro bloom booster comes in a liquid state and frees you from using any additional fertilizer for the plants. It promotes stem growth and helps in blooming bigger and more vibrant flowers.

You will be surprised to see how easy it feels to use the fertilizer on plants. You just have to mix it with water in recommended ratio and start watering the plants. Moreover, you can quickly connect it with any watering device. Also, its patented technology relieves you from the painful guesswork of measuring the right amount of nutrients.

It entirely releases the right nutrients for all plants and promotes the flowering capacity to its ceilings. You will this feel celebrating the plants’ strength and blossoming appearance. Indeed, it will offer ample vegetation and cherished blooms with rich and vibrant colors.


  • Usable with watering devices
  • It needs no guesswork for using
  • Large capacity with 400 sq. ft. coverage
  • Needs feeding only once in 1-2 weeks

Element Nutrients Flower Fuel Bloom Booster for Bigger, Heavier Harvests

Flower Fuel is a bloom booster that works as consistently as any bloom booster in the list but does something more, always. It consists of 40 proprietary ingredients and is a good solution to almost all crops you grow in the garden.

Its main elements include vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients. The formula is 100% hydroponic, so Flower Fuel is alone capable of providing enough nutrients in any soil. You can use it on gravels, sands, and liquids even.

For the best results, you should use it with a base nutrient. Expert gardeners use it with 2 and 3-parts nutrients for bigger, better, and heavier harvests. You will also appreciate its easiness of use with a great instruction manual.

The recommended use is 1/4th teaspoon of Flower Fuel for each 1-gallon of water. So, even the 250g pack covers a big space. But you can also get its bigger packs for larger gardens and commercial spaces like parks which truly boosts its usability.


  • The formula consists of 40 useful ingredients for plants
  • Extremely use to use with quick mixing ability in the water
  • Available in four different packs for all garden sizes
  • Usable with 2 and 3-parts base ingredients for better harvest

Dr. Earth Organic Bud Booster For Soil

Organic Bud Booster For Soil

No matter what kinds of houseplants you have, Dr. Earth bloom fertilizer will work fine for all. It comes with a unique strategy to get deep into the soil. Thus, plants can absorb their nutrients through roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and tubers.

The organic bloom booster is made of all-natural ingredients and contains no harmful GMO elements. Thus, it is not only safe for plants but also humans and pets. It is a combo package of fishbone, feather meal, mined potassium, and rock phosphate. So, it helps the plants grow with consistency and assurance that no other fertilizer can offer.

It even has 8 ecto and endo mycorrhizae. These elements contribute to an additional drought resistance of the flowering vegetation. Once you connect it with the power outlet, this 4lbs of nutrients would feed the plants for several months. The nutrition release is quick and distributes evenly across the soil for the best results.


  • Quick and consistent nutritional release
  • Plug and play operation with cords
  • Big enough for several months of use
  • Free of GMO elements for human safety

Sun Bulb Bloom Booster Plant Food

Sun Bulb Bloom Booster Plant Food

When you want the best harvesting satisfaction, you must ensure the best blooming of the plants. It all starts with the right care of the soil by providing its premier nutrients through foods. You can rely on Sun Bulb booster plus fertilizer for such demanding purposes.

The secret formula of it is nothing except the high-content of essential phosphorous. Thus, it yields multiple benefits for garden and house plants. On one end, it boosts the flowering capacity, and on the other end, it enhances the bloom size and color. So, you get not only attractive flowers but also get profitable harvests.

It doesn’t have the urea nitrogen. So, there’s no risk of burning down the plant leaves either. The booster is a perfect blend of essential nutrients with outstanding solubility and 100% hydroponic feature. When you use it with the recommended guideline, you will find vibrant flowers that will continue blooming till the late seasons.


  • High amount of useful phosphorous
  • Boosts flowers size and colors
  • Easy to use recommendations
  • Void of urea nitrogen

Miracle-Gro 1-Pound Bloom Booster Flower Food

Miracle-Gro 1-Pound Bloom Booster Flower Food

If you have hydro-based plant setups and want the water-soluble booster, you must get the Miracle Gro Bloom Booster immediately. It is made for all types of blooming plants. You can use the fertilizer to promote plant growth and improving the blooming capacity too.

The booster works pretty fast and would give you the desired results in a few weeks. You can use it for quick results if you don’t see the plants’ expected flowers during the fruiting and vegetable seasons at the right time. You should use it once every 2 weeks for the best harvesting, though.

It releases the nutrient ingredients evenly and works with a two-way feeding strategy. Thus, the plants can intake it using their leaves and roots. It ensures an expected result without any hassles. What’s more, it lessens the risk of burning when used with recommended guidelines. Also, its user instruction is detailed and pretty easy to understand for all.


  • It has dual feeding action
  • Suitable for all plant types
  • No risks of bringing plants
  • Easy to understand instructions

FoxFarm Cannabis Bloom Booster

FoxFarm Cannabis Bloom Booster

If you are from cannabis growing community, you should already know FoxFarm liquid concentrate. It is already popular blooming fertilizer cannabis and can be used for many kinds of flowering plants. It is a combination of both organic and synthetic bud boosters.

The liquid is a combination of three incredible plant growers. It includes big bloom, tiger bloom, and grow big. Thus, it serves differently through different maturity stages of the plants and their leaves. Therefore, it yields the best outcomes in all conditions.

It has an instant release of food and nutrients. The manufacturer claims that it would enhance the fragrance and flavor of the vegetables, flowers, and fruits. It works best for matured plants and during the late-season fruits and flowering time.

Also, you can use it for hydro-based, soil or soil-less setups. Nonetheless, be extra cautious about the using amount since it contains three healthy bloom boosters in the same package.


  • Ideal for fruit and flowering plants
  • Versatile use in soil and soil-less setups
  • Works best for matured plants
  • Three boosters in the same package

Incredible Bulk Certified Organic Plant Food

Certified Organic Plant Food

‘Go Green and Save Animals’ is the new buzz in the world. Incredible Bulk Stor, being one of the top manufacturers of garden fertilizers, has taken the slogan seriously. Thus, after thoughtful research, they introduced an organic and vegan certified bloom booster that gives competition even to the high-end fertilizers.

It is 100% vegan safe. It means no animal was exploited during its manufacturing, and it doesn’t contain ingredients from animal bone. Plus, its all organic composition releases just about the right ingredients in the soil for a better and bigger harvest.

The main nutrients of this organic bloom booster include nitrogen, sulfur, sea kelp, soluble potash, and phosphate. So, plants will receive the right amount of nutrients for healthy growth. It dilutes in water easily and so is usable with hydroponic and soil mediums for the best results.

Also, its organic and natural formula leaves no harmful dust on the soil. So, it is pretty eco-friendly. It also ensures a burn-free application even if you accidentally overuse the bloom booster. It is a great relief since many gardeners report the loss of crops due to overfeeding soil issues. It ensures you get 100% harvest without any damage with an excellent gardening experience.


  • Excellent balancing between phosphorus and potassium for plant growth
  • 100% organic and vegan certified bloom booster for eco-friendliness
  • Quickly dilutes in water and is applicable on all soil types at ease
  • It doesn’t cause burns on the plant leaves, even on overfeeding moments
  • Affordable packaging with four different sizes for residential and commercial uses

Mammoth Blooming Booster For Soil

Mammoth Blooming Booster For Soil

This is another popular recommendation for the best bloom booster with all-natural and organic nutrients. The blooming fertilizer from Mammoth comes with organic microbial ingredients. It promotes bud growth and plant health for the maximum flowers and harvesting.

The blooming booster contains a high amount of useful bacteria and bio-stimulant microbial. It frequently boosts the beneficial bacteria growth and releases enzymes in the soil that plants endeavor happily. Thus, it releases the phosphorus in the ground 30X better than any regular fertilizer.

It means you won’t have to use any extra nutrient additives in the soil. So, you save a fair amount on fertilizers. The manufacturer claims that it would boost the yields by 16% and stem strength by 6%. So, bugs and pest infestation is less likely to happen.

The liquid fertilizer is fully soluble and works both in the growing and blooming phases of the fruit and vegetable plants.


  • Releases the locked phosphorous
  • Suits both blooming and growing phase
  • All-organic microbial formulation
  • Large packs usable for several months

The Grow Co Bloom Booster Fertilizer for Orchids

Another all-natural and 100% organic bloom booster that truly transfers any soil into heaven for all plants is the Orchid Food Mist. It comes in a spray bottle and is best suited for potted and indoor plants with beneficial ingredients.

Its NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus- Potassium) ratio is light. So, you won’t have to worry about burns in the roots, which often affect the flowering and harvest greatly. It ensures great growth, flowering, and harvest with excellent control for application too.

The spray bottle allows you to diffuse the ingredients in mist forms and reduces wastage by 25% or even more. Plus, the ingredients are already premixed and come in liquid form. So, you won’t need to mix and prepare them for use. It saves a good chunk of your gardening time that you can invest in other maintenance works.

You can use all orchid varieties at home, including vanda, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, etc. Last but not least, with ready-mix spray, you won’t have to disassemble the soil either, which boosts its user-friendliness superbly.


  • Best for indoor plants, orchids, and potted plants
  • 100% organic and natural formula for easy application
  • Comes ready for use with premix formula for mist spray
  • Light NPK ratio won’t cause any burns in the plant root

Mammoth Microbes Organic Bloom Booster

Mammoth Microbes Organic Bloom Booster

This Mammoth bloom booster is highly recommended for those who want the best organic bloom booster at a reasonable pricing and large package. It comes with 1 liter (2.64 pounds) and is usable for several months for multiple plants during their blooming and maturity phases.

It contains microbial stimulants and hydroponic nutrients to supply the essential elements to the plant roots. It boosts useful bacterial growth and releases maximum phosphorous within the soil. Thus, plant stem becomes stronger and promote growth. Also, the fertilizer claims to release the beneficial enzymes 30X better than regular fertilizers.

Also, it generates enzymes that continue to feed the plants regularly. The bud booster comes in a liquid condition, and you can use them like water in the garden. When you use the fertilizer with recommended measurement and instruction, it will promote the yielding by 16%, as the manufacturer claims.


  • Super-easy to use
  • Developed bacterial and enzyme
  • Strengthens the plant stem
  • Large pack for massive use

Bloom Booster Fertilizer Buying Guides

Bloom booster has enhanced nutrients with rich fertilizer. These are assembly familiar to gardeners, harvesters, and agri-specialist. Nonetheless, you might not be aware of them if you are new to gardening. Thus, you must choose one of these bloom boosters to promote plant growth, stem strength, flower number, and size.

At first, determine whether you want organic or synthetic soil fertilizer. It depends on your preference, but usually, all-natural ingredients are the safest to use. Some are the combination of both natural and artificial elements and provide feeding to the plants.

Also, check the fertilizer state since these come both in liquid and solid-state. Some are soluble within the soil, and some need to be watered above the ground so the plant leaves can intake it. Thus, you should prefer the one that fills easy to use.

Next, consider the amount of fertilizer you will actually get within the package. If you have a large garden to bloom, you might have to pick multiple packs. Ideally, most bud boosters will come with 2.5lbs to 5lbs of capacity.

Another important consideration is the type of work it can be assigned to successfully. For instance, some booster will trigger the blooming capacity of the plants. On the contrary, some proponents promote both plant growth and flowering. Then, some high-end fertilizer plus plant feeder will also provide extra food items to the plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are bloom booster worth it, and do they work?

A: Bloom boosters come with a higher amount of phosphorous. Some even have higher potassium too. When you use them with recommended guidelines and amount, it increases the plants’ number of flowers.

Q: When should I apply the bloom booster?

A: You should begin using the bloom booster as soon as you see green tendrils coming from and near the stems. The tendrils will be fresh and vibrant, indicating that the plant is ready to flower.

Q: Can I Use Miracle-Gro bloom booster on vegetables?

A: Yes, you can use Miracle-Gro water-soluble bloom booster on vegetables. It is safe and won’t burn the roots to lower the harvest. Plus, it is GMO safe and is ideal for humans and pets.

Q: How to use Miracle-Gro bloom booster?

A: The application of Miracle-Gro is fairly easy. If you purchase the Feeder version, you can use it directly. On the contrary, use 1tbsp of Miracle-Gro with 1-gallon of water for use for outdoor plants. You need to use ½ teaspoon of Miracle-Gro water-soluble bloom booster for indoor and potted plants. You can reapply the booster dose every 7-14 days.

Q: How much bloom booster to use?

A: The recommended amount of bloom booster varies depending on their formula. Nonetheless, pro gardeners suggest that using 1tbsp of bloom booster for 1-gallon water is preferable. For indoor plants, you shouldn’t use more than 1 teaspoon of bloom booster for 1-gallon water.


Whether you have regular flowering houseplants, vegetable plants, or fruiting ones, you would want the best harvest and yield from them. And the crop depends on the number of flowers the plant produces.

You can easily trigger the flower number and its sizes with our recommended best bloom booster for soil. These flower-promoting fertilizers are high in phosphorous and may even help in the plants’ healthy growth. Nonetheless, if you are unsure which champion to pick for your houseplants and garden, you might consult a plant enthusiast. It would be a great help. Happy blossoming and happy you!

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