Can You Repair A Metal Garden Hose?

Metal garden hoses or steel braided hoses are very similar to our regular and commonly used garden hoses. The major difference between the metal hose and a normal garden hose is that the metal one has steel braiding that gives additional support to the base of the hose. Metal hoses are mostly used in situations where extra strength is required for pressure, for example, with hydraulic systems.

Although they are more difficult to cut than the regular rubber garden hoses, the methods of repairing a metal hose are the same with the rubber hose. It involves the use of couplers from a repair kit to patch undamaged sections of the hose together.

Can You Repair A Metal Garden Hose?

So yes you can repair a metal garden hose without much difficulty.

But how? Just wait, I’ll teach you how to repair the metal hose but let’s first see the tools you’ll need.

Tools You Will Need To Repair A Metal Garden Hose

Before you repair your damaged metal garden hose, you’ll need some tools that will help you do the job properly. Without these tools, it will be impossible to repair your metal garden hose and if you use the wrong tools, the repair may not last.

So what are the perfect and most effective tools for repairing your metal garden hose? Here they are:

  • A steel braided hose repair kit
  • Work gloves
  • A hacksaw
  • Utility knife
  • A pair of pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Dish soap
  • Couplers

If you get these tools from good places and follow the manual instructions carefully, your metal garden hose will be fixed in no time.

Now like I promised, let’s see how to repair the hose…

How To Repair A Metal Garden Hose

So, your metal garden hose is a little bit damaged and you’re confused about what to do. Don’t fret, it’s not difficult at all (trust me).

There are just a few steps involved in repairing your damaged metal garden hose. And that’s what I’ll be explaining now:

Step 1

The first thing to do is to find out where and how badly your metal hose is damaged. While doing that, you should also disconnect the garden hose from any device it is attached to. After that, set the garden hose in the sun to allow the rubber portions to heat up a little and become more flexible. You can also soak the damaged parts of your metal garden hose in hot water to get some additional flexibility.

Step 2

I guess you have work gloves? Well now is the time to put them on. With your gloves on, grasp your garden hose firmly with a pair of pliers. Using your other free hand, put the blade of the hacksaw against your garden hose and start cutting it. Cut through the metal garden hose on both sides of the damaged part so that you can remove the damaged part completely from the rest of the hose. Then pick up your utility knife and smoothly clean the edges to the best of your ability.

Step 3

You should have a steel braided hose repair kit that fits your metal garden hose perfectly. If you don’t know how to purchase a perfect fit, take the damaged part of the hose that you cut out with you to the store. It will help you specify the steel braided hose repair kit that would be good for you along with the right size and type.

Unpackage the repair kit at home, then read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you understand them before proceeding to loosen the clamped sections of the coupler with a screwdriver. It might be in your interest to know that different kits have different instructions so you can’t use the knowledge you have of the instructions of a former different kit type to operate this new one.

After you’ve done that, set it aside while you prepare your hose.

Step 4

Now in step four, you’ll need to get some dish soap (not much). Rub some of the dish soap over the end of the two parts of the hose that will be sliding into the coupler. The essence of the dish soap is to lubricate the ends of the metal garden hose for easier use.

Slide the two ends of the garden hose into the coupler device and start pushing them together until they’re inside the coupler as far as they can go. Recheck that the ends are well into the coupler then hold them in place and tighten the screws on the coupler.  Make sure to lock the two ends of the metal garden hose in place and run them through the coupler again.

Can I fix my metal garden hose with duct tape?

No, duct tape can’t fix your metal garden hose. Although I understand that we assume that duct tape fixes everything, it won’t work in this case at all. Even if it manages to pause the leakage for a short time, the pressure of the water from the hose will remove the duct tape soon enough.


Fixing your metal garden hose shouldn’t be difficult at all. That’s why I have compiled this highly informative guideline and steps to help you fix your garden hose securely.

So follow the process and your garden hose should be fine and ready for use in no time.

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