Tips On Connecting Two Garden Hoses: Same And Different Diameter

The garden hose is the most versatile and used gardening equipment. You will use water in the garden, cleaning the car, bathing your pets, and even for drinking water at times. However, sometimes you may need to connect two garden hoses to cover a larger garden.

Although the process is easy, we have come across questions like, “How do I connect a garden hose with another one?”  Also, many people want to know if they can connect two garden hoses with different diameters.

The good thing is you can connect both the same and different diameter hoses with one another. You can use a standard hose connector or a quick connector adapter for this purpose.

How Do I Connect A Garden Hose With Another Hose?

In the US, the garden hose comes mainly in ¾” and 5/8” diameter. Due to many reasons, you need to connect multiple hoses. While connecting two hoses with the same diameter is easy, you might find it hard to connect two hoses with different diameters.

Fret not.

We will show you the garden hose connecting tips for the same and different diameters.

Method 1: How To Connect Two Garden Hose Of The Same Size

The jobs should be pretty easy if you need to attach two garden hose of the same diameter to increase their length. You can use a male-to-female end hose connector or a quick connector, depending on your working requirements.

Connect With A Standard Hose Connector:

The garden hose package includes thread connectors. These connectors have male and female ends. The threaded connector typically has a ¾” diameter. It fits easily with ¾”, 5/8”, and ½” hoses using a barbed rod design.

It also has a clamp to secure the two hose connections after installment. The process includes the following steps-

  1. For this purpose, you need to cut the end of one hose to insert it inside the connector. Use a utility knife to cut the end of a hose sharply and properly without damaging it.
  2. Then you have to force the barbed rod of the connector right into the garden hose. The end of the hose should swiftly flush with the hose connector.
  3. Use the crimp ring and fit it around the garden hose connector. Next, use the provided screws to connect the two different hoses perfectly. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. It makes the connection leak-proof.

The hose connector can be of different kinds, such as barbed fittings and compression fittings. You can apply the barbed fittings without any tools, and it is also the easiest hose attachment method. You should push the barbed connector as deep as possible inside the hose. Its barb will stick with the hose interior and help it stay inside.

Use compression fittings if you want a tighter seal and a longer lifespan for the garden hose attachment. It has a fastening ring. It would be best to push the hose through this ring and then attach the hose with the plastic gap of the metal part.

Connect With A Quick Connector:

When you use a standard hose connector, you will need to cut the garden hose end. Also, you have to stop the water flow. But a quick connector allows you to connect two different hoses without stopping the water flow or cutting the hose end.

Plus, you can use the quick connector to attach the garden hose with another nozzle, outdoor bib, or wand for multipurpose use. On top of it, most quick connectors come with a water stop, allowing you to control the water flow right from the same location.

  1. Inside the female end of the connector, you should find a spring-loaded ring. Pull it out using a screwdriver.
  2. After that, insert the male end with the female end of the quick connector. Push the male end so that it goes inside the hose properly.
  3. AS you release the ring, its spring loading mechanism will securely lock the two garden hose for your watering needs.

Method 2: How To Connect Two Garden Hoses With Different Diameter

The commercial hose has a 5/8″ diameter, and the residential hose mostly has a ¾” diameter. At times you might need to connect these two different sizes of hoses. You can use a garden hose adapter or quick connector for this purpose.

  1. Firstly, measure the interior diameter of the two garden hoses. Use a measuring tape for the purpose.
  2. Choose the hose adapter accordingly. But before installing the two garden hoses with the adapter, use a utility knife to cut one end of the hose.
  3. Soften the cut end of the hose slightly. Then, mount it with the hose connector. You have to connect both hoses with the connector’s male and female ends.
  4. Then, identify the right end of the hose adapter. After that, install the right end of the hose connector with the adapter. Do it for both sides.
  5. Tighten the screws to secure the adapter and hose connector attachment. You may also use Teflon tape to wrap the attachment point for added security.

Final Words 

You should now know how to connect a garden hose with another, irrespective of its diameter and size. It will make your gardening job easy and fun. We recommend you using a good-quality hose adapter for this purpose and ensure the connection is leak-proof.

Also, make sure you have the right water flow rate and pressure for the attached hose length. Or your watering process will be much slower.

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