How Many Blades of Grass Are in the World

Well, this seems to be a very, very interesting question. But as we go deep into the answer, then numbers are so big that it made me feel a bit weird. To be frank, you can’t even imagine how humongous the answer can be.

So, as we find how many blades of grass are in the world, I would request you to sit with a calculator as you read this write-up. And also, don’t blame me if you find the numbers out of the capacity of your regular scientific calculator.

So, let’s get to the point.

How Many Blades of Grass Are There in the World

How Many Blades of Grass Are in the World

A world is a vast area to count on. So, to find out the real number of blades of grass in the world, let’s start with a small place like one square centimeter so that we can go step by step. It will also help you know the magnanimity of the answer and abundance of grass around us.

So, according to Oklahoma’s Museum of Natural History, one square foot of grassland has, on average, 3,000 blades. This number may not seem so vast but wait on. We need to multiply this number with the total number of grasslands in the world.

But to find out the grassland, we need to identify the total surface of the earth at first.

Do you know the entire area covered by our earth’s surface?

Well, our Planet Earth has an approximately 510072000 square kilometer area. However, not all of this vast area is covered with land. In fact, about 71.8% of this surface is covered with sea and sweet water bodies. So, roughly about 29.2% of the earth’s surface is covered with land area.

Now that we know the total land area of our surface, it’s time to find out the grassland area. About 20% of our total land surface is covered with different species of grass ( According to

This calculation roughly states:

The total area of grassland = 510072000 square kilometer area*29.2%*20%.

The calculative answer is that the 29 million square kilometer area of our Planet Earth is covered with grassland. Can you imagine? Unfortunately, due to the ever-growing industrial expansion, this grassland is giving place to humans and civilization.

However, now let’s find how many grass blades can this 29 million square kilometer area accommodate.  Well, luckily, we know that one square kilometer area roughly accommodates about 10^12 or 10, 000,000,000,000 blades of grass. To put it simply, one square kilometer area holds an amount of grass 12 zero after 10.

So, the total number of grass in the world would be,

Number of grass blades= 10^12*29

Therefore, the total number of blades in our world is about 3*10^18.

If you don’t understand the magnanimity of this number, let me show you one exciting calculation. As of April 08, 2020, according to World O Meter,  the world population is about 7.78 billion. So, even if we distribute the total number of glass blades evenly to the entire world population, each individual will receive 418 million of grass blades.

That’s enough to draw a few thousand people succumb to death underneath the grass blades. Want to know some more interesting facts about grass?

We have something to offer you.

Five Interesting Facts about Grass:

  • You will find as many as 10,000 species of grasses around the world.
  • The grass is one of the oldest living organisms that scientists have found to date. The oldest found grass is seen underneath the Mediterranean sea, which dates back to 2,00,000 years old.
  • A typical lawn at home holds up to six grass blades in each square inch. So, your lawn has millions of grass blades, which is more than the number of hairs on your head.
  • Grassy lawns with regular watering improve the indoor home air quality by 20%.
  • The largest species of grass is found in China. It is named as the Great Bamboo and can grow up to 151 feet.

Wrapping Up

Oh, I feel tied. So many numbers and estimations to find out the number of grass blades in the world. But I guess you are even more surprised and you should be. After all, this isn’t a class five math.

Jokes apart, I hope you have understood the significance of the grass. Imagine all these 20% areas of our earth barren and empty; plants would die, and so will humans. So, save ecology and increase home plantations.

For plantation and gardening tips, we are with you.

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