How to Coil a Hose without Kinks

If you’ve ever had to use a garden hose, you’re faced with the decision of what to do with it when you’re finished. Do you simply leave it on the grass? Or do you store it? Most people choose to store it, which means coiling it up somewhere, such as next to the house, or coiling it up on one of those reel-type devices that stand alone or attach to your garage. However, you may have wondered how to coil a hose without kinks, as when you pull out the hose for re-use, it is frequently tangled and kinked. Isn’t that right?

I’m sure everyone who has had to store a hose has wished they could just coil it up next to the house and walk away. The biggest problem with doing it this way, which is how most people will do it, is that the next time you need to use it, it will be tangled or kinked. When you go to use it the next time, it’s just a royalty.

You have to be very careful when uncoiling it, which takes time and a lot of effort. That is nothing more than a large old job that most people do not want to drag out.

Easiest Method to Coil a Hose without Kinks

We’ll show you how to coil it next to your garage so you can pull it out the next time with no hassles or kinks.

How to Coil a Hose without Kinks

Coil it on a Large Surface

The first step is to bring the garden hose as close to where you want to store it as possible. You can keep it inside or outside of your garage, storeroom, or home. Keep it close to where you’ll be using it the next time. Try coiling it on a large surface, such as your lawn.

Make an Loose ‘S’ Loop

Pull the hose into the area and shape it into a “S.” So you can get it where you want it and it won’t snag on the bushes or in the corner. Regardless of how long your hose is, forming it into a ‘S’ shape will make it much easier to handle. You should now be able to reach every end of your hose.

Coil It Near Your Storage Area

It is extremely crucial that you begin coiling the hose near the house. The reason for this is that you want the coils closest to the faucet to be on the bottom and the subsequent coils to be on top. As a result, when you begin pulling the hose from the end with the sprinkler or the end of the hose with the nozzle. You’ll want the first coils to fall off at the top of the pile.

Make an ‘8’ Figure

The key here is to coil the hose in a figure ‘8’ pattern. It doesn’t have to be a tight figure ‘8’, just a loose figure, but coiling it in a figure 8 pattern will keep it from tangling again. The coils are simple to make and can be hung on a tree stand or a hook in your garage.

It won’t take you long to complete this coiling, and you can see that the hose is neatly coiled and doesn’t require a coil. It’s just about all those crossovers, and the crossovers aren’t all in the same place. This pattern will prevent your hose from absorbing kinking memory, and when you untie it, it will be as straight as it was before.

So, the next time you pull your hose out, it will uncoil with no tangling issues. It will easily come off with no kinks or twists. So, if you simply take the time to coil your hose in this manner, you will have the desired even and straight hose whenever you require it.

If you have an extra-large hose, you can coil it in a ‘8′ pattern just beside your garden beds and use it whenever you need it. You can uncoil it to the length you require and then re-coil it. The pattern ‘8’ is done so loosely that it will not slow or stop the flow of water. So you can now relax in your lovely garden without worrying about kinking hoses.


The garden hose is an extremely useful tool for watering, spraying outdoor plantings, and performing exterior home maintenance. A good hose can last a long time if properly maintained. To avoid kinks that cause a hose to wear out prematurely, it should be stored properly rolled up. I hope that this simple rolling water hose tip will help this garden tool last longer than you expected.

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