How to Fix a Kink In a Garden Hose

If you are a gardener, facing issues with a watering can be frustrating. This occurs when there are kinks or distortions in your garden hose. Every gardener must have faced this kink issue in his life. Now, if you don’t know how to fix a kink in a garden hose, this article will show you everything to get the job done.

Want to explore more? Read on this complete guide on how to get kinks out of garden hose.

What Causes Garden Hose Kinks?

Before I tell you how to repair kinks in a garden hose, let me tell you what are the possible causes behind this. Kinks are disgusting as they make restrictions on water flow and make your task most complicated. Here are some possible reasons why kinks exist in a garden hose.

Improper Storage:

If you can’t store your hose properly, chances are there will be kinks. When the hose is twisted and compresses down by itself, kinks will occur there undoubtedly. If you let your hose stay unarranged after use, it may form kinks in multiple spots.

Besides, when you store the hose in heap or roll it tightly, the tube area will compress and collapse as well. As a result, there will be kinks. You should not leave it under a direct sunray. In that case, due to sunlight, there may be a constant change of softness or even hardness which will cause kinks.

Old Hose:

If your hose is too old, in most cases, it will form kinks. The percentage of forming kinks is more in an old hose compared to a new one. As the old hose is comparatively rigid, there will be kinks when you bent it.

Low-End Hose:

Another good reason is maybe your hose comes with the very poor build quality. In that cases, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, in the majority of instances, kinks will be there.

How to Fix a Kink in A Garden Hose?

How to Fix a Kink In a Garden Hose

Maybe you are careful enough to stop your hose from forming kinks. But, the truth is, still it may occur. Sometimes, buying a new one is not a good option. In that cases, you need to look for possible ways to repair the existing one. If you want to fix kinks in your hose, follow these ways.

Straighten Kinked Areas:

If it is the first time when kinks form, you can remedy the situation easily. In that case, you need to do untangling. As the damage is not fully formed yet, it will work. So, when you see any disturbance in the water flow, you need to identify the possible spot with kinks. Then simply untangle that area of the hose and your problem will be solved.

Use Kink Braces or Splints:

Another way to repair kinks is to use kink braces. If the kinks are quite old, but that particular spot of the hose is not completely damaged, you can follow this method. Kink braces are widely available in your local shop.

Or, you can go for making it by yourself as well. In that case, you will need a small PVC pipe. Cut a small portion from your PVC pipe. To fit properly into the hose, the PVC should be cut with proper measurement.

Because if it is not a well fit, it can’t prevent the collapse in the kink area. All you have to do is pass the PVC through the hose to that particular kink area. It should prevent the hose from kinking again.

Cut Out the Kinked Parts:

If the kink is quite severe, in that case, it may already have broken or torn the hose. If it, happen, then you have to cut the kinks out. There will be no other options that can prevent the kinks.

If you don’t fix kinks for a long time, this thing may happen. After cutting the kink spots, you need to reconnect the unaffected parts by using garden hose fittings.

How to Stop Garden Hose from Kinking?

There is no doubt that prevention is better than cure. That’s why you should take good care of your garden hose so that kinks can’t form. Here are some preventive measures that you can take to save your hose from kinks.

Buying a Quality Hose:

First of all, make sure that your hose is built with quality materials. Because low-end hoses are more susceptible to kinks. On the other hand, there are good quality kink-resistant hoses available in the market. Get one from there and remain stress-free for a long time.

Store in L-Shaped Hangers:

Another great way to avoid kinks is to store the pipe in L-shaped hangers. There is no denying the fact that poor storage is one of the most common causes of kinks.

If you leave the hose in heaps or dirt, in most cases, you will experience kinks. L-shaped hangers are quite perfect for storing garden hoses. You can either make them in-house or buy them from your local store.

Stretch the Hose Along the Walkway or Patio:

When you have a long patio, you can store the hose along the way. You can also do the same by the edge of your long patio. As the hose won’t bend, it will remain straight. You should do it under sunlight before going to store it.

Wrap Around a Round Metal Bucket:

Another way to do kink-free storing is to wrap around a round metal bucket. Many gardeners build this structure in the shed for storing the garden hose. However, make sure to drain the water first, then go for wrapping. If you do it properly, it will prevent your hose from kinking. Using clothing or even tape will help the hose to remain in the metal bucket.

Wrapping Up:

No doubt, a hose is one of the most important tools for every gardener. Having kinks in it crates real frustration. In that case, you must make attempts to repair it for preventing permanent damage. I hope now you know how to fix a kink in a garden hose correctly. Happy gardening!

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